Xara Catering enhances the finesse of the Xara brand, and delicately serves innovative food that is both beautiful and delicious. Our various brands and outlets have something special to offer this Festive Season. We crafted specifically catered menus for all sorts of clientele. It’s been a difficult year for everyone, but there are many reasons to be grateful for. Our family. Those friends that stuck around during this time. Our colleagues and Zoom buddies throughout this period. The roof on our heads and the food on our plate.

The Xara Lodge is here to help you celebrate

It is high time to celebrate our little things that we tend to take for granted. Our renowned banqueting hub, The Xara Lodge is here to help you celebrate the season to be jolly in a finer, better atmosphere this year.

Make sure you get to savour your event during this festive season, stress-free, and leave everything in the hands of our award-winning team from Xara Catering led by the Michelin Star Chef, Kevin Bonello.

Let us set the mood for the season in one of our luxurious properties in the pristine countryside of Rabat and feast with us. If you are looking for a caterer to take care of your food at home or at the office, you can count on Xara Catering. We also do outside catering at the comfort of your home. Impress your guests or your colleagues and just leave the rest to us.

Or join us at The Xara Lodge

Check out our different options for this year’s festive season. We will be hosting a Christmas Day Lunch and a New Years Day Lunch, in the airy and spacious halls and patio of The Xara Lodge. With socially distant tables, having high ceilings and huge doors the place can allow you to sit back and enjoy a lunch away from crowded eateries.

Visit our menus below. To find out more about the diverse range of events we offer for both corporate and celebratory occasions in Malta with your family and friends, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on +356 22 567 567, or send an email on events@xaracollection.com or message us on our respective Facebook and Instagram pages.

Christmas Day Lunch Menu
New Year's Day Lunch Menu